“Overcoming the odds to land the right career”

Departing the Royal Australian Engineers after 12 years of service, Alex Robertson has successfully overcome his challenging transition process to become a Workplace Health and Safety Management Consultant. Having gone through his transition through the WithYouWithMe program, Alex is eager to help those currently transitioning from the ADF into the civilian world to help them become prepared for the challenges they may encounter.

During his time with the Royal Australian Engineers, Alex conducted various roles such as combat engineering in humanitarian disaster zones, explosive demolitions and ordnance disposal, as well as specialist roles in the Special Operations Engineer Regiment. Leaving the military in 2015 was very difficult for Alex, stating that he “went from a high pressure, high tempo environment,” to eventually finding “a job as a labourer”. In addition to this, he had to cope with family and injury issues, which affected his mental and physical wellbeing. After overcoming these challenges, Alex committed himself to finding a worthwhile career and credits WYWM for significantly helping him through this process.

Alex is currently a WHS Management Consultant and believes that his military skills were highly transferrable to his current industry. He attributes his focus, discipline, and instructional skills developed in the military as vital to ensuring his success in the consulting industry. Particularly, he has been able to leverage these skills to conduct a higher volume of work at a quicker rate, and deliver a much better product than his competitors.

Alex believes in the importance of preparing service members for their transition, and increasing their awareness of the challenges they will encounter and the options available to assist them. Alex shares that those currently transitioning from the ADF into the civilian world should assess their skills and qualifications against the career path that they decide to pursue and to seek further education if they require it. He also highlights that “it’s okay to fail and that what you thought you may like may not be where you end up working, many opportunities will present themselves as you go on”.

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