“Navigating unchartered territory to achieve career success after the Defence Force”

An ex-Major of the Royal Marines, Scott Howe knows the challenges that service members must overcome when transitioning into the civilian world. For Scott, this was an exceptionally difficult time in his life, having to move from the UK to Australia and accustom to a whole different lifestyle. Now having successfully overcome his challenging transition from the Defence Force into the civilian world, Scott is committed to helping others with their transition as a WithYouWithMe mentor.

Scott joined the Royal Marines in 1991 as a way to leave home. During his 18 years of service, some of his achievements include completing two three-month deployments in the Arctic, becoming a specialist in small boat operations, and completing a range of appointments that involved training, operations and procurement, before ending his career as a Major.

Scott reflects on his time leaving the Royal Marines as an exceptionally difficult experience. In addition to moving to a different country, Scott comments that having to “requalify in countless areas was tricky and highly demoralising”. After overcoming his challenging transition, Scott now leads a small, but growing team in the Organisational Transformation industry and credits his military career for preparing him for this role. Scott believes that his military experience is significantly transferrable to his current industry profession, stating that he is still “constantly managing change whilst serving”.

Scott is proud to be a WithYouWithMe mentor and having gone through a tough transition process, he has pledged to help others with their transition so that their experience is much better and seamless.

Scott offers to those who are currently going through their transition that they should ensure that their qualifications are recognised in the civilian world and to network “like it’s your new favourite hobby, as more often than not you need a strong relationship based referral to land your first and subsequent job”.

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