We are very excited to announce the launch of our educational tool COMPAS – ‘Civilian Orientation for Military Professionals After Service’.

COMPAS is your guide to transitioning from the defence force and helping steer you in the right direction to secure a career which matches your purpose.

COMPAS was created because unlike the military, the civilian workforce doesn’t have an instruction manual on how to succeed professionally. COMPAS provides ex-servicemen and women with the knowledge and tools required to transition into the employment sector and succeed.

COMPAS teaches you how to navigate your way through the job search, equipping you with the right mindset to get the job you want rather than the job you can get. It will provide you with background information of some of the challenges ex-servicemen and women face when they separate, so as to manage your expectations of the civilian employment environment. It will also provide you with insight into the corporate employment environment, with knowledge of how companies approach their hiring practices and how to successfully progress through your chosen career pathway.

COMPAS is an essential document that will help you make sense of the Australian civilian employment environment and allow you to transform challenges into opportunities so that you land the job you want. Our COMPAS document will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure that when you meet your mentor(s), you are confident in the guidance that you need from them.

This document is only available to our mentees. If you are a current or ex-service member looking for your next career, register at www.withyouwithme.com.au as a mentee. You will gain access to a number of our pathway programs and opportunities to help your transition process.

If you are already registered as a mentee, many of you would already be using COMPAS and seeing the benefits.