WithYouWithMe is excited to announce a partnership with Randstad, a global leader in human resource services and recruitment. Randstad is partnering with WithYouWithMe to help veterans transition into the right industry with the right company.

Randstad are renowned for their ability to find the most fulfilling career path for their job seekers and to source the best talent for their clients. Randstad are joining WithYouWithMe as a ‘Pathway Partner’, meaning that transitioning veterans who register as a mentee will have the opportunity to be developed and join a pathway for this organisation. This will ensure that those who are successful for this pathway will develop the right skills necessary to succeed in the right industry. Those in the incubation program will also receive a mentor to help them through the process and dedicated training program.

At the conclusion of the program, individuals may be selected for a role with Randstad. Those who aren’t successful will be accredited in completing a WithYouWithMe pathway and will look to be placed in other similar organisations.

The program will make use of the skills you have developed in the military and help develop you further to be the right fit for the job.

Those interested should apply by registering as a mentee at www.withyouwithme.com.au and sending a follow up resume to contact@withyouwithme.com. For more information about Randstad, visit www.randstad.com.au.

We have urgent roles available now in a number of locations including Sydney, Melbourne, regional Victoria, Gold Coast and Perth. More jobs are set to become available each month, far exceeding the initial 400 on offer.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, contact the WithYouWithMe team – contact@withyouwithme.com