Welcome to WithYouWithMe, a new mentorship facilitator which connects service men and women with leaders in their field.

Our company aims to help ex-service men and women transition from the defence force by being guided by mentors who are leaders in their field. Many of our mentors are ex-servicemen and women themselves, however many are also leaders in their field who are looking to offer insights and advice.

If you’ve interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, please fill our registration form with a bit of info about yourself and we’ll match you with a compatible partner. We’ll then help grow and foster the relationship to help both parties get the most out of the experience.

We can also assist those in the defence force with transition services such as resume writing and interview preparation. Get in touch at contact@withyouwithme.au and we can let you know how we can assist.

Finally, if you’re an organisation who is looking for capable and talented ex-servicemen and women to work with you, or if you’re interested in helping grow WithYouWithMe through partnerships or sponsorships, please contact Tom at contact@withyouwithme.au or on 0405 629 803 and you can discuss further.

Appreciate the support.